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mariés au cocktail qui rient aux éclats des discours de leurs témoins


Your trust is my greatest reward.

Thank you so much for choosing me and trusting me with the creation of these memories that will keep you dreaming for a long time.

My mission is to ensure that these images stay with you, and continue to make you smile, cry and laugh as soon as you look at them. 

Creating your memories is my job, but above all it’s my passion. So you can be sure that I put my heart and soul into it.

In fact, my support starts right now : I’m sharing my little tips and reminders …

couple de jeunes mariés jouent dans la forêt

Getting ready : 

• Choose the brightest room available. Is there is not, sit near a window.

• Remember to group together your small accessories and carefully chosen decorations : your flowers, jewelry, wedding ring, save the date, perfume, shoes …

• Make sure the room is tidy, especially the bed if there is one. Whether it’s your beauty service providers’ equipment or your personal belongings and those of your loved ones, or water bottles, clothes covers …

• Wear an outfit in which you feel comfortable. One that combines comfort and aesthetics. A good material, a nice solid color (avoid patterns or bright colors).

• For your make-up, simply sublimate your daily make-up routine. There’s no need to exaggerate – my photos will reflect kindly the reality.

• Prepare a bottle of champagne & glasses for you and your loved ones ! The clink of your glasses makes dynamic photos ! 

For the ceremony : 

• At the entrance, take care to separate couples by 10-15 seconds so that everyone has a photo of their passage. As for you, remember to take your time : walk slowly, look around you, look at the person accompanying you and let your emotions flow ! Have you ever seen yourself holding back tears with grimaces ? Smile, cry : let yourself go 🙂

• At the end of the ceremony, arrange the guests in the form of a hedge of honor (with the most important people closest to the exit). This arrangement will allow you to go back and forth, to enjoy the moment & above all, to have photographs taken in either direction (front and back).

• Prefer petals : the impact of rice or dried lavender always surprises you, and we can see it in the photos. As for bubbles, unless there are dozens of them, they rarely produce the expected effect on the images.

• For secular ceremonies, place your set-up and your guests in the same light source (avoid double light/shadow exposures). As soon as the warm weather arrives, go for shade.


For the cocktail : 

• Group photos are essential, but if you wait too long, they can become annoying : prepare a list of no more than 10-15 groups, in an order that allows for a smooth flow back and forth (we don’t want to tire out Auntie before she’s even danced on the dance floor !). And above all, entrust the list to someone who knows both sides of your family to help me put each group together.

For the party : 

• There’s an essential subject to discuss with your DJ or the person in charge of lights for the evening : avoid green, blue, purple lights and choose neutral, warm lights. Above all, lasers are forbidden : both for your retinas and for my lenses.

• Putting a packed basket in the toilet has already saved lives : disinfectant, bandages, tweezers, small scissors, headache medicines, rubber bands, sanitary pads, tissues, deodorant, anti-shine face wipes …

• Now : EN-JOY !

mariée danse au milieu de la foule
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