Who am I ?

My name is Mathilde,

and this little face, it’s me in my native Provence.

MCaelicia, the M for my first name and Caelicia is the name of a perfume I was given as a teenager. A subtle and floral fruit water. It inspires my work today : natural, bright and authentic. 

I was born in Provence but I live in Paris. I’m in love with natural light, and with the nostalgia that emanates from these two worlds. I love authentic stories, yours. 

Choosing me as a photographer means being aware that I will accompany you with a lot of involvement, and also a lot of humor. The emotion you want to see on the pictures implies that we are in confidence, I dare to say it : accomplices. Feeling is the key.

My preference : telling your stories, sublimating the reality of your smiles, freezing the light that cuddles your pupils, capturing the waves of blood that bloom your cheeks, your eyes that blaze. 

My goal : that my photos make you relive these moments that pass too quickly.

Open eye and beating heart.”

Mathilde Caelicia

Photographe précoce
photo portrait de la photographe Mathilde Caelicia en couleur
portrait rigolo en noir et blanc


* I love pickles and Nutella (but never together)

* I can’t work if my apparment isn’t clean and tidy like in magasines (maniac did you say ?)

* I study law for 7 years, I worked 2 years in the Court of Appeal in Paris and I practiced as a lawyer during 3 years before devoting myself fully to my passion

*I stills sleeping with my teddy bear (bad souls will say it’s a pig)

*I work exclusively with music and a lighted candle 

*I’m monomaniac : music on repeat for 7 hours, a series in one day : it doesn’t scares me

femme dans les bras de son homme devant la Tour Eiffel
couple assis sur les quais de seine
fiancés dansent au jardin du Luxembourg
Photo couple toits de Paris
notre dame de paris derrière les bouquinistes des quais de seine
statut du jardin des Tuileries
poitrine de mariée avec son bouquet de fleurs
nuque de femme mariée avec boucles d'oreilles tombantes
couple figé aux colonnes de buren
Couple d'amoureux sur les quais de Seine se regardent

What is you photographic style ?

My photographic style is best described by others.

Nostalgic, I am told that my photo immediately put you in the mood of the moment, that they are sincere, spontaneous. The photos reflect with fidelity, subtlety and delicacy the thread of the story.

Natural, the light is in the center of my shooting, I always try to capture it in an authentic way with its shadows, its contrasts, its warm colors.


How long does it take to get the photos ?

Time delivery depends on the nature of the service, usually it’s between 2 weeks and 1 month.

What material do you have ?

I have two Nikon Z hybrid, 28-75mm zoom lense, 50mm and 85mm fixed lenses, one flash, six batteries, two memory cards XQD and two SD card, a tripod.


How and how many photos are delivered ?

I don’t limit the number of photos on delivery. It frustrates me more than anything else, and I don’t want to be frustrated or frustrate you. You will get all the photos I choose.

I deliver the photos on an online gallery, in HD format (no extra charge) and downloadable for free : by you, your family and friends. No surprises then.


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