portrait jeune femme noir et blanc se relève les cheveux


couple assis sur un muret avec le coucher de soleil de la mer


femme enceinte vêtue d'une chemise entourée des draps du lit


famille joue dans les rues de Montmartre

All photos sessions take place during a walk, unless they are held at home, but always during an exchange between you and me. I will never ask you to pose.
I deliver all the photographs, sorted and processed, which means you won’t have to choose – you’ll get the whole gallery.

The photos will be online, in high-definition format, for you, your family and friends to download free of charge.

1 hour – 290€

1 hour 30 – 435€

2 hours – 550€

.For any events, I will give you a quote depending on the infos you will share with me.

Tell me your story via the form contact on my website, and I will tell yours with my photos.