Wedding photographer

Paris, Provence & worldwide

Wedding photographer in Paris, Provence and Worldwide, why me ?

First of all, you should choose me because my artistic style has caught your attention, & thank you for being here !

Then, you should choose me because capturing the natural essence of your love story is my mission. As a wedding photographer, I specialize in capturing subtle moments infused with authentic emotion. From the intricate details that adorn your day to the candid glimpses of life unfolding, I strive to create images that resonate with the genuine beauty of your journey together. Let’s embark on this adventure, weaving together timeless memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

But above all, you should choose me because I won’t just be your photographer, I want to be there for you. I’ll be with you from the evening before at the earliest to brunch the next day at the latest, depending on the formula that best suits the memories you want to keep. I’ll be your friend, your support, your back-up for the day. Getting involved, anticipating your needs, giving my opinion if it’s welcome (I’m never intrusive !), reassuring you, alerting you, advising you, making you laugh (with all the second degree that characterizes me) : it’s all part of me. I invest myself.
I’m both invisible, a little mouse in the shadows who discreetly attends heartfelt, emotionally-charged moments, who photographs the smallest details of your wedding and your loved ones, but I’m also very involved : I interact with you, your guests, we chat, laugh & share.

From 1900€

mariés s'embrassent dans un champ de lavande en provence
couple de jeunes mariés marchent au-dessus d'un lac dans lequel ils se reflètent
mariés complices enlacés
couple devant leur tente de mariage en provence
le bouquet de la mariée posé derrière elle sur un meuble
cérémonie laïque pétales de fleur par terre
bouquet de fleurs blanche
jeunes mariés de dos face à leurs familles et amis devant l'Eglise
couple de jeunes mariés marchent
jeune mariée jette le bouquet de fleurs
mariée se cache avant le first look
mariée admirée par ses proches
mariée assise tient son bouquet
table de réception
demoiselles d'honneur habillent la mariée
mariée apprêtée prêt de la fenêtre
lumière pendant cérémonie laïque
lustre flou artistique cérémonie
trinquons avec des cocktails
mariés dansent devant une haie de fleurs
mariés derrière le coucher de soleil
mariés dans une allée parisienne
mariée cachée derrière son bouquet
tables de mariage décorées au prieuré de Vernelle
amis et mariés s'enlacent et rient
sac à main et bouquet de mariée
la mariée et les demoiselles d'honneur face à la vue sur la provence
girls photo group in a castle wedding
table dressée de mariage
mariée dans la voiture de collection devant l'Eglise
témoin attache la robe de la mariée
Mariée se coiffe devant un miroir
mariée de dos avec son voile
champagne bottles
jeunes mariés marchent main dans la main
lustre flou dans salle des mariages mairie
salle des mariages mairie Paris 5 remplie

F. A. Q.

How to reach you ? 

Via my website contact form. I want you to talk about you, your Wedding.Give me details : how did you two meet, the proposing, your D-Day, the place, what kind of ceremony you will have, how much guests are expected. The more details I have, the better.

How many photos do you deliver ? 

Depending on the time of my presence (between 6 to 12 hours) I deliver 400 to 800 (or more …) photos. The photos are delivered in HD format on an online gallery. They are downloadable for free, by you and your family. No bad surprises.

Are you mobile ?  

Of course, I’m a photographer for your wedding in Provence and Paris, but I travel all over France… and elsewhere. I love to travel, to discover new places and landscapes (my Porfolio Voyages attests it).

The travel expenses will be calculated separately.

What is an engagement session ?   

Before the wedding, I propose to organize a couple photo session. The goal is to meet us, to show you how I work, how I guide you. If we do it early enough, you will be able to use the pictures for your wedding announcement.

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