Capturing timeless memories that will be cherished for a lifetime

photo portrait de la photographe Mathilde Caelicia qui rigole



– Open eye and beating heart –

Photographer passionate with natural light, I love capturing those timeless memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. I’m the photographer of your life : tell your love stories from the couple to the wedding, tell your journey as a family, from pregnancy to adulthood ! But also, to put in abyme your professional activity through my photo.

It’s quite hard to describe yourself as a photographer, people are telling I’m sensitive and nostalgic, but also sociable, communicative and spontaneous. As for my photographs, they are described as natural, where the light brings out the emotion.

Capturing moments of your life is essential, without photos they will disappear forever with only memories to hold on to.

My mission is to capture those memories that will make you dream for a long time.

I always say « Open eye and beating heart ». I am attentive to your subtle, discrete, authentic moments of life. I share them with you, I’m fully invested to capture one of the moment where tears flood you eyes, where blood waves blush your cheeks.

I’m a nostalgic girl, and my goal is that when you go through your photos 3 months, 3 years or 30 years in the future, you will dive back into the lightness of the moment- its light, its smell, I want you to be enveloped by your emotions all over again: photos make them eternal.

 They trust me
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mariés s'embrassent dans un champ de lavande en provence


couple sous le soleil couchant au jardin du Luxembourg


femme enceinte au naturel en sous-vêtements à sa fenêtre avec son chat


intervenant sur la scène d'une conférence Snapchat


pyramide du Louvre et Musée du Louvre


Photo Grande Mosquée Dubaï


mariés derrière le coucher de soleil

Melody & William

We highly recommend Mathilde ! She was our wedding photographer and did a really great job. Her pictures really reflect the emotions and the mood of the wedding. She gives good advise during the wedding and all of our guests were comfortable with her. We were so happy to go through her pictures a couple of weeks after the wedding. We also get a lot of compliments from our guests and the people we share the pictures with.
Mathilde, keep up the good work !! Thanks again.”.




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